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If You Want to Avoid Wrinkles Change the way of Sleeping

With practices such as drinking water with copper and protecting oneself from the sun, many tasks are performed, but according to experts, it is also essential to consider one’s sleeping position to prevent damage to the skin.


People are being cautioned by experts to avoid sleeping in a manner that increases pressure on their faces during sleep, as this can alter their facial features.


Many individuals may not be aware that sleeping habits can alter our facial structure and contribute to the formation of wrinkles.


Clinical facialist Kate Carr noted that according to a study published in an aesthetic surgery journal, pressure and tension on the face during sleep can lead to changes in facial patterns. These alterations become evident in the form of vertical lines and creases when we sleep on one side or with our face pressed against a pillow.


Initially, these vertical lines may appear temporarily, but with age, they leave permanent marks on our faces.


According to Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Maryam ZAMANI, sleeping on one’s side with pressure on a specific area can lead to continuous pressure, resulting in lines in that direction and eventually causing wrinkles. Consequently, it worsens the appearance of the eyes, lips, and facial sagging.


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